Monday, June 25, 2012


So we got the urge for a road trip on the weekend of Kory's birthday so we headed to NYC for a weekend of fun. We decided we didn't want to fight traffic or find parking so we drove down to New Jersey, parked and caught the train into Union Station... (above: waiting for the train into the city early in the morning!)
As Liam would say... All aboard the choo choo train... all aboard, all aboard!
First stop outside of Union station--Madison Square Garden. Home of Linsanity!
Liam getting all settled in for his first class tour...
We headed for the Empire State Building thinking we would go to the top to check things out, but we we found out there was a long wait and it cost money to ride to the top we took our party down the road...

Next stop Time Square! Lots of fun things to see and do there. We had been walking for a while so Maddi and Liam pulled up a chair for a quick breather.

This is Liam when Time Square is fun and he is taken in and entertained by the buildings and electronic billboards.
This is Liam when the real life, really creepy Elmo has him terrified and pulling the hair out of Kory's head!! Apparently Elmo is more kid friendly through a television screen or as a stuffed animal.
After some serious soothing Liam is calm again and ready for a family pic in the Square...

After Time Square we grabbed a cab and headed for the Museum of Natural History.
Proof that rodents of unusual size really existed... (Fire swamp/Princess Bride)
Kael wanted to give the Easter Island head its wish... "Hey dumb dumb... Me want want gum gum!"
Museum of Natural History
Liam working his mojo in Central Park
After the museum we went on a walk through Central Park.
We played on rocks.
We watched turtles.
The kids even got free music lessons. We had a great video of the kids playing drums with this kind gentleman, but unfortunately it somehow got ruined. It was priceless.

After walking a long, long ways through the park we had a short popsicle break, and then headed down Fifth Avenue.
The end of a long day walking all through the city brought us to Rockefeller Center.
Mikaila sent Flat Stanley all the way from Utah to tag along for our tour of Ellis Island & the Statue of Liberty.

Lady Liberty from our ferry....

 We ended a fantastic weekend with a great view of Freedom Tower from the Jersey side of the water.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Falun Gong (wax on... wax off)

This is a preview of some of the excitement and fun we had this weekend in DC. We stopped for an ice cream break during the afternoon and it wasn't long before Kael and Maddi had joined in with a few new friends getting their "falun gong" on...

WE are ALIVE and in Baltimore!!

We have been a little WILD around here, we have been to New York City (SO FUN good pictures to come), we said goodbye to special friends who moved away from Ithaca, we have done swimming lessons, had special visitors, played with friends, had multiple Birthdays (birthday parties), packed our Daddy for Baltimore, lived without Dad for two weeks attended SOO many DR/Dentist appts, per-registered for Kindergarten finished up 1st Grade then packed the apartment and drove BIG CITY STYLE (by myself) the 6 hours to Baltimore and now here with Hubby in hand!! 

We have spent multiple days at the POOL and took an adventure to Washington DC this weekend (will go back soon to much to do in ONE visit) and now trying to take it easy!!

Till next weekend, we are headed to Hershey Island and theme park that is PRETTY AWESOME all put on by Kory's great job. So hoping to get back on the blog wagon for everyone to be able to see how the kids are growing  HUGE and the fun places we get to see!

Kory is LOVING his job and the people he works with and I can see it on his face when he comes home, and I am so glad he is able to do something he loves and HE IS GOOD AT! Kory is GOOD at alot of things but for him to go to work and enjoy it and thrive on learning more is exciting.
We are seeing parts of the world I never thought would be possible and meeting NEW people, I think we are pretty lucky and we get to do it TOGETHER
So we are here and plenty to talk and blog about!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Aunt Katelin came to visit!!

We are @ the Ithaca Airport getting ready to welcome our second visitor to New York!!!
We are so lucky to have family that are able to come and visit us, WE know its not easy or CHEAP!
I was so excited PERSONALLY to see my sister and show her everything I had been telling her about!
It helps when someone gets to experience "Ithaca"! 
 We headed to the park only a block from our apartment, the girls rode their bikes and aunt Katelin rode the razor scooter!!
she was a trooper, we didn't need anything to amazing we were SO EXCITED to just play with her!!
 With aunt Katelin in town even BREAKFAST IS AWESOME!
 We took a tour of Campus!
We stopped in front of a Green House on Campus!
They always have some amazing plants and cool stuff growing in here!

 Katelin has grown up so much, INSIDE & OUT!
She is SO beautiful!
...Miss her so much...
I love being around her so much, I can be myself !
 I love how when she is around we all get "SILLY"
 We went to some awesome WATERFALLS!
 Then were OFF to Palmyra!
@ the Hill Cumorah, this time a LOT less windy! 
 The girls in front of the Palmyra Temple!
Can't wait to attend a session!

 We packed a picnic, and ate next to The Sacred Grove!
This is a must EVERY time we go.
 On Joseph's Smiths Bed!
 Just had to post this picture of Liam ENJOYING HIMSELF !!
 Every time I go to the Sacred Grove I think I will take a picture JUST LIKE THIS...
and then I can remember how each trip was so different and special!
 Then back to the apartment for some wrestling around!
 We LOVE Katelin!!
 The green and white thing on Kate's head is her socks she brought for Saint Patrick's Day!
They were a HIT!
 It was so fun to see family again, it was just what we needed!
Just relaxing and having fun!
 So many more FUN pictures to SHARE!!