Monday, October 17, 2011

< Palmyra in the RAIN >

First stop the VISITORS CENTER. 
The Visitor Center was at the bottom of " Hill Cumorah"! Oh wow, what an amazing day we had as a family! Everyone we met and talked to was so kind and sweet, if only the rain had cooperated a little more! It rained the entire time we were there, but we were determined to go and glad we did. I have learned a lot about the church but standing on the grounds where these action took place you can just feel the spirit when you drive onto the church grounds. 
@ the Visitors Center there were all kinds of kid friendly activities, they loved listening to the sweet stories of Joseph Smith. So after listening and seeing everything we wanted to see we headed out to CLIMB Hill Cumorah. So as we headed out in the RAIN and started to climb...
The crew headed up... with the umbrellas closed.. but not for long.
It was a steep climb..but we were all excited to get the top.
And as soon as we hit the top ... we had to OPEN the umbrellas.. and bring on the wind.. I don't want to focus on the weather, but it was crazy!
I can't wait to return and have alittle more time to soak it all in. 
"The Hill Cumorah"
Here is the beautiful family sitting under the statue of Moroni. I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude to be standing at such a sacred place, our family LOVES the scriptures and continues read and learn from them as often as we can , we will always be GRATEFUL!  
On top of Hill Cumorah!

The kids are still in happy spirits.
Here we are on top getting ready to head back down to get the kids out of the rain, and it really started pouring you can see the trees blowing to the side and to stop the rain you had to put your umbrella to the side to stop the wind and the rain. Well we thought it was hilarious to watch the kids grab a hold of their umbrella as tight as they POSSIBLY could and when a big gust of wind came and PICKED LIAM UP OFF THE GROUND! YES OFF THE GROUND... Then he landed feet away from were he took off. We all thought it was hilarious but our little guy didn't.... :( 
See what I mean... not happy! but I don't blame him that would be really scary!
The troop on the way down. I had our families HUGE umbrellas and so Kory was left with .... the Ladybug  umbrella a fraction his size!
 ~Palmyra Temple~
 Sitting on the log fence outside Joseph SmithsFarm.
 Right as we entered the Sacred Grove, it hadn't started raining again we thought we might get to walk through WITHOUT  the rain, no such luck, but even with the rain it was an amazing experience that I find hard to put into words.
I loved that Liam felt @ home and was so excited (just like us all) to be at such a special place.

 Even with the rain and the cloud cover the Sacred Grove BEAUTIFUL!
 He was really enjoying himself.

Smith farmhouse built on original foundation.

Joseph's bedroom where Moroni would come to hang!!

Smith farm with the Sacred Grove in the background
View of the Temple from the Smith farm.
The orchard
The frame house that Alvin built... 85% original. Way cool.

Frame house.

Replica of the wood box Joseph would hide the plates in.
Original brick hearth Joseph hid the plates under.

Cooper shed where..... you guessed it! Joesph hid the plates....

Tree planted in honor of Alvin after he passed away.