Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Schappacher Park *(have no clue how to pronounce it)*

 THE FARTHEST PARK we have been to! We got on 4 different interstates & drove for 20 mins & still not sure if we were at the right place but figured we are somewhere new, LETS EXPLORE! We were @ the right park & weren't impressed! But how do you know unless you go out & take a risk. Keeping an open mind & preparing to have the best time possible!
 There were some older girls this time so that made it nice! you might recognize them from the Princess Party, Claire and Mylaha!
 This little guy is constantly making us laugh and picking up on the funniest phrases!
Thanks Liam!
The newest one is "NO WAY".. so you ask him anything & he thinks its so funny to answer NO WAY!

~ PART 2 ~

 So after the Aquarium & POOR Kaels melt down we had Root Beer snow cones, and rested our feet for a bit!
 Directly across the river was the city, and these way cool bridges!
 The blue bridge is actually a Board walk..(so not made for cars but for people only) to get one side of the city to the next! It was HIGH and I was scared but figured its been here long enough, and enough people have walked safely across, I WILL BE FINE!
 the Board Walk... the kids loved it and of course Kael had to take this opportunity to show of Halle the penguin!
 Maddilyn took this one for us!
 The bridge was BIG and scary!
 The yellow bridge was for CARS  and we actually drove over it!
(the silly things up country folk get excited about)
 the water wasn't pretty @ all!
 I am getting pretty good at asking complete strangers to take our photo!
I hate having a ton of photos without the whole family in it.
And last but NOT LEAST Liams favorite the TUG boat.. / not exactly sure what the boat did / but fun to watch go under you on the bridge! I am sure Spencer would have loved it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

 So we had an AWESOME Saturday spent @ the Aquarium!! 
We had to walk through a Mini Mall and we came across an Irish Pub and above the entrance was Cladagh Ring a symbol of Great Love in Ireland. Kory bought me a Cladagh Ring when we were dating and it was fun to see! And this is where the FUN began!! 
 You can't really see the City behind us but we are in the Mall with a great view!

 The Aquarium was HUGE there where so many different fish shapes, sizes, and stories! Wish we could have read and learned about each one of them BUT with 3 kids we did the best we could! They had so much fun, and were such good sports smiling every time mom felt it necessary to snap another picture. Poor Kael started to not feel so good, running a fever, and not having much fun. So I had a decision to make, leave after paying alot of money or BRIBING her and carrying her through the whole AQUARIUM! 
(my arm was so so sore the next day)
 Here we are PETTING SHARKS!! yep petting real sharks, Liam put his hands in the water and splashed around and we were quickly informed that makes the sharks "ANGRY"  so we were encouraged to NOT. Kory enjoyed petting the sharks too, at this point we noticed our camera battery was LOW of course! So we tried to limit the pictures till we could make it to Barnes and Nobles to charge to battery, it was a great place to wind down and run and grab some motrin for Kael in the car.

 There was an awesome area that looked like a movie theater and you could sit and watch these awesome sharks swim around, they were huge, the biggest one was 9 ft long! There were shark rays (the flat sharks) that were really cool.
 Due to the fact that the fish move around you cant really see all the pretty colored fish in this tank we were trying to take a pick of!
 This was a MASSIVE crab, love how it looks like its eating Kaels head!
Now what is this fishes name again?
 Kory took this picture.. I was using the flash and you can't even see half the pictures I took and Kory got some really cool ones!
 Me and the flash.. again some really cool fish!
Awesome picture of the guys, and above them is a HUGE sting ray!

 some nasty catfish eel looking things, poor Kael was such a trooper!
 Welcome to the Rainforest !

 @ the Rainforest you could purchase some nectar and feed the parrots! SO WE DID! It was funny most birds were so high that the average person could not reach them! But as we all know Kory is not of average height so he could easily reach some high birds! The birds liked the nectar so much it hopped onto Korys arm and so he brought it down to the kids level...
 Maddilyn was nervous but so excited!
 Liam was plain NERVOUS!
 Nearing the end of our journey and Kael was done! But we were still having so much fun.
 There was an entire penguin show with another theater feeling room but getting Kael to sit through it just didn't seem fair :(
 After the entire Aquarium and how awesome Kael was we told her we would get her something... then we saw the prices... $14.99 for a stuffed animal! So we told her to look around at all the fun places we still hadn't seen, inside the mall, and all the vendors around the stores outside. Poor thing, the motrin HADN'T started to work and she LOVED this pink penguin, and after kindof looking around and her heart was set on the new friend she had left @ the gift shop... so we went back and got Halle the Penguin! The smile says it all!
She has slept with Halle every night holding her tight and loving every minute of it... worth $14.99! The other kids got a trinket too, wouldn't leave them out but nothing that meant as much as Halle did to Kael!
The night didn't end there....
(to be continued)

Friday, June 24, 2011


 We woke up to a SWEET PHONE CALL @ 8 O'CLOCK in the morning. A nice sister in our ward has a daughter Mylah (Mi-lay-ah) Maddilyns age and they wanted to know if we would like to attend small Princess Party. Even with the short notice we WEREN'T missing it! These were the sweet girls we played with today! Left to Right Lauren 8, Sydney 4 (Laurens lil sis), Claire 6 1/2, Malyah 6 1/2, Kael 4, and Maddilyn 6. There was another little girl Emilee 4, Isac 2, and Liam 2, a house ready to  PARTY! 
We played, laughed, and great time! 
 They had a MINI tramp inside and it was AWESOME!
*the energy the kids exerted would be worth any money in the world*

I love to see that smile on her face!

At the end the girls twirled in circles singing the songs off of a Barbie movie. We hope to be invited back soon !!

*We Miss our Families & are Grateful for New Friends*

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beckett Park

A night @ the Park! This is our FAVORITE park so far, and its less than 2 minutes away! This is also a really fun place to ride our bikes (aka as mommy exercising). So today was one of THOSE DAYS around our apartment. The weather was bad (meaning 80 degrees but windy and over cast) Liam needed a good nap and I am trying to make sure NOT to go somewhere that requires $ everyday. It was too cold with the breeze to swim and we needed to wait for Liam to wake up to head to the park, but the girls and quiet time in this little apartment isn't so quiet. But he got his nap and we headed to the Park.
I have been so SURPRISED how nice my kids are to EVERYONE and other kids can be a little rotten... K that sounds wrong I guess what I mean is THEY ARE THE NEW KIDS, YOUR FROM HERE, YOUR ALREADY HERE WITH FRIENDS JUST BE NICE!  
Well we found some super nice kids today! This is a picture of two 12 year old boys that wanted to play Pirates with Maddilyn and Kael. Kory and Maddilyn play Pirates every time we play here, its really cute we actually call it Pirate Park, so of course Maddi asks these boys if they want to play. I will spare you all the details but the funniest part was when the "SHIP" (playground) was Maddi and Kaels to protect, Maddi sat watch and it was Kaels job to chase and capture the two 12 year old boys. AND SHE DID, she is fast! I sat there Laughing my head off, the boys faces were red with white spots they were so tired and Kael was loving it she reminded me of a cow dog enjoying the chase. As the boys would run past me they would scream she is the FASTEST  4yr old I have ever met :)
 I must also say that the girls picked their own clothes today after dressing up 1000 times and um.... yeah!

He is growing up so fast!

 Don't know exactly why Kael went for long sleeved shirt, pants and tennis shoes but we must have thought it was cold today! I still think she is pretty cute.