Monday, September 26, 2011

Grisamore Farm ... apple picking!

 ME and these two have really been missing Maddilyn and Daddy, but why they are gone we keep ourselves busy. Its been pretty easy with all the fun things to do! Lots to catch up on so I will keep it short! We recently went apple picking @ Grisamore Farm to pick our very own FRESH CRISP APPLES for a great price. We were in great company and so much to do and see, there were goats, sheep, short ponies, chickens, and yummy fruit and veggies everywhere!

They had these wagons to pull all the kids and all the "GOODS"!
Liam and his buddy Rip!
Liam showing off his YUMMY apple!
Kael showing her APPLE but not willing to look @ the camera!
So I love LOVE finding deals... I found a super cute bracelet for .50 cents, we loved it for 2 days then lost it ... Maddi was so upset when she got off the bus I thought something pretty dramatic had happened @ school but I quickly learned it was all over a lost "favorite" accessory. So our super sweet neighbor and good friend of the girls offered to have the girls over and make a new "FAVORITE" bracelet! This is our girl friend Peyton, so fun!! Going to try and catch up blogging so everyone can check out all the fun we have been having!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday Evening Fun!

 Letting out alittle pent up ENERGY, its amazing how a ball in the shirt can spark the imagination of three kids! They would run into each other and would just roll around laughing!
We then decided to head out on an adventure after an early evening FHE to Treman State Park. This was a quick and easy hike but we didn't even touch all the options that are offered so we will RETURN! And can't wait to take any and all that come to visit ; ).
 Pictures can't explain the smell, or describe the drizzle rain that comes off the splash of the water hitting the rocks, it is just truly beautiful!

 The happy couple.
 Maddilyn @ a platform a little higher up.
 The family,
 The bridge we GOT  to cross to get to the other side!
Kory was cool with it, Kael and I, not so much!
 but we followed them!
 And when you got to the other side and looked up this is what you saw, it looked like the trees had grown out the side of the mountain. And with it flooding and the ground muddy and moist I WASN'T certain the trees weren't going to on top of us.
 Then we climbed up and over the water fall, the kids loved the steps and we loved that it wore them out!
 On our travels KORY ONCE AGAIN found a friend with nature! How he see's these things is amazing. The COLOR of this little guy SCREAMED poisonous to me!
 Picture from halfway up.
 Another find, yellow mushroom, but from the word @ Winston court there are other strange things found on trails around Ithaca!
 Kory ALSO spotted this crazy beehive hanging from a twig, bees were swarming all around it!
 After our hike we ran to the toys, and again we were NOT disappointed!
 MOM & DAD even got in on the fun, toys now a days are a whole lot different then when I was a kid! 
This spinning toy would take YOUR weight and spin you SOOO fast!
 We got video but I am way to embarrassed to post it, I am officially OLD, I felt so sick after just ONE turn!
We continue to be amazed at the beauty of Ithaca!
Kory is doing great, this week he is dealing with a lot of heavy recruiting, and hopefully he will get an idea where he would like to intern next summer : )...
We have been so lucky to have loving family and friends that have supported (& still do) and loved us through this amazing journey! It has been crazy @ times but over all it feels like a vacation, we get to move and meet new amazing people see these beautiful places and make great memories. All that is missing is FAMILY & FRIENDS, we couldn't do it without you and we can't wait to see you again! you all...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun Weekend!

We started off the weekend @ Zachary our neighbors 2nd Birthday! & a little babysitting (Kory is holding little Drew)

 Maddilyn with her good buddy Brinlee!
 Kael loving all their toys!
 So we heard about this small town FAIR @ Ellis Hollow and we decide to go! Man was it small.. it could have fit in Judy and Lamars backyard, which was fine but it was MUDDY with the flooding the ground was yucky, sticky, muddy, it would suck your shoe off every step you took!
We fished!
 we watched the Horse ride, I felt bad for them I could barely walk in the mud I didn't feel right about making a horse pull me in it! But they sure were pretty horses!
 cake walk!
 Liam showing off his bracelet!
 Maddi being alittle nervous!
 Them waiting for some awesome music!
 Eating some corn on the cob, we love CORN!
 It was so MUDDY that Maddi looked up and saw someone we knew and took off running and did a mud slip and slide, 
she laughs a little more about it now, but it was a NO joking matter.
 After we got clean again we went to FRIENDLYS, the local restaurant, we got coupons from Maddis school, kids eat free!
 The greasy fries and ice cream were taking so long we started getting silly!

 Liam is such a HAM!
We went to Stewart Park to play, just to find it under water.. literally.. we are flooding like crazy around here, Kory and Maddi's school was closed on Thursday because of flooding, but we live on a hill so we are fine I just didn't realize how much rain we had gotten. So when  the toys were out of the question we went for a walk!
 This picture scared me so bad... behind me was the dodgy dock Kory and Maddi were on and we walked out to the safer one and I thought I was going to have to jump in and save a kid before the night was over.
  This dock looks alittle dodgy for me and Kael so we let Maddi and Dad go out and jump on it and they had a blast.
 Maddilyn's getting pretty good taking pictures!
I hope this week brings as much fun! 
My goal this week is to reach out and stay in better contact with family and friends, so wish me luck! Love you all!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

~~ Maddilyns First Day of School ~~

 Daddy & Maddi...
The Kids love the ramp Maddi gets to take to get to her class.
 Maddilyns teacher (Mrs. Anderson), told everyone to find a desk, so we looked for pink and we looked, LOOKED, & LOOKED... We couldn't find PINK anywhere, her class is filled with boys! We found some pink and she sat down!
 We are so proud of you Maddi!!
 Out of the 4 girls I can see in this picture 2 of them are mine!!! Good Luck Maddi!!
I guess this means you can leave now MOM! 
A crazy tidbit about Maddi's school is when I registered her on all the main doors, office, nurse, music, library, gym, cafeteria and such they have them listed in at least 5 different languages!! 
Are you kidding! It intimidated me! But what an opportunity!!